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CISO Lensatic Compass
January 4, 2020
Caltrop / Booby-Trap
January 4, 2020
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CIA SOC Ration. 1
CIA SOC Ration. 1
CIA SOC Ration. 2
CIA SOC Ration. 3
CIA SOC Ration. 4
CIA SOC Ration. 6
CIA SOC Ration Menu Number 9
CIA SOC Ration Menu Number 4.

CIA Sock Ration (Single)


Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) procured SOC Ration issued to very early Special Forces Teams in Vietnam for a light weight food substance while on reconnaissance patrols. The meals were issued in a green wool sock / tube.  The open ration displayed is Menu number 6 and I have two single packs available: Menu Number 4 and 9 that are still sealed (I have no idea what food substance is inside). These were pre Counter Insurgency Support Office (CISO) manufactured Indigenous / PIR Ration. This is for the purchase of one single ration.

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