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January 8, 2020
Command and Control North (CCN) Envelope
January 12, 2020
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Eastern Construction Company Plaque


Wartime, Eastern Construction Company end of tour plaque awarded to a US Special Forces veteran. This was the Philippine version of USAID that supplied everything from engineers, mechanics to armorers and all were commandos whether active or retired they were some bad ass dudes. The plaque measures about 12 1/2 inches tall and the main map has been reapplied. The presentation plate reads: VIETNAM, 30 SEPT 67, TO CAPT CHARLES RL CRISMON INF 5TH SFG (A) AN OFFICER MOST WORTHY OF THE GREEN BERET, A MAN FINDS PLEASURE TO WORK WITH, WE WILL CHERISH YOUR THOUGHTS, THE ECCOIANS.

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