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John Padgett's El Salvadorian badged uniform. (1)
John Padgett's El Salvadorian badged uniform. (1)
John Padgett's El Salvadorian badged uniform. (2)
John (Doc) Padgett

El Salvadorian Uniform Set


Wartime El Salvadoran camouflage uniform set that was badged and worn by a US Special Forces Advisor during the El Salvadorian Civil War. The garment top is badged on the left sleeve with a Commando and a Parachutist (Airborne) tab, the left breast pocket has a Soldier of Fortune patch (passed out by Robert Brown of Soldier of Fortune Magazine) that is surmounted with a El Salvador tape and measures out with a 48 inch chest. The pants have a 36 inch waist and a 30 inch inseam. The set is featured on as artifact number APU-079 and will come with a letter of authenticity, a photograph of the veteran during one of his tour in Vietnam and a picture of the veteran holding the piece when I acquired it.

The uniform set is attributed to a Special Forces veteran, John Padgett who served multiple tours in Vietnam with the Mike Force and Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MAC V SOG), Command and Control Central (CCC), assigned to the Hatchet Forces. In the 1980’s, Padgett performed several trips in and out of El Salvador. This is a very rare uniform set.

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