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Viet Cong Flag
October 28, 2020
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January 2, 2021
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Reynaldo Castro's embroidered beret. 1B
Reynaldo Castro's embroidered beret. 1F
Reynaldo Castro's FANK Plaque. 1A

Embroidered FANK Beret / Grouping

Nice documented FANK grouping that includes one of the greatest hand embroidered beret liners,   veteran had reflashed the  beret during a post war assignment (there is his Fank flash in the album removed from beret), plaque, photo album with over 100 color pictures, at least 20 of the veteran, Vietnamese made poncho liner jacket, some printed and embroidered Cambodian insignia, Long Hai Training Tab off uniform, FANK shoulder tab off uniform, and a FANK identification card. This grouping was once shown the the January – March 1987 ASMIC Trading Post publication.

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