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September 29, 2016
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September 29, 2016
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MAC V SOG: Team History of a Clandestine Army, Vol. 6



MAC V SOG: Team History of a Clandestine Army VI (Special Forces Charity Auction)

This is the sixth edition in the MAC V SOG series by Jason Hardy. The limited printing of 500 copies have a hard cover with a dust jacket that chronologically breaks down the history of Recon Teams: Adder (CCN), Louisiana (CCN), Nebraska (CCC), and Wyoming (CCC). The large format, 400 page book is on heavy archival paper with over a thousand period photographs of Recon Team personnel, mission notes, letters home, and artifacts.

The author has identified the following individuals as having served on a recon team during their tour in Vietnam.

Recon Team Adder: William K. Durand, Gerry H. Barker, Charles D. Busler, Mark A. Scott, Michael A. Jesperson, William S. Case, Ronald Fletcher and Hurley J. Gilpin.

Recon Team Louisiana: Dann L. Cahoon, John A. Macintyre Jr., Tony Herrell, Wilbur Boggs, Thomas M. Cunningham Jr., John T. Walton, David E. Badger, Jeffrey L. Junkins, David A. Maurer, Kenneth R. VanArsdel, Gerald A. Plank, William T. Brown, James W. Finzel, Robert A Worley, James R. Woodlief, James Gaither, Laurie A. Whitlark, Dennis N. Karczewski, Duane R. Ramsey, John H. Houser Jr., Russell E. Hansen, John E. Leavister, Ronnie Braden, Raymond M. Frovarp, Madison A. Strohlein, Edward H. Westfall Jr., Ronald C. Davidson, Frank S. Pulley and Austin W. Lee.

Recon Team Nebraska: Albert H. Rivers, Franz C. Shoaf, David E. Bortnem and David E. Blow

Recon Team Wyoming: Lawrence A. Spitler, Thomas Corbett, Joseph B. Messer, Gaetano L. Alberigo, Michael L. Mickelson, David W. Hause, Marshall D. Hall, Thomas A. Carr Jr., Robert L. Sprouse, Craig D. Davis, Jon P. Davidson, Joseph E. McCammond, Thomas R. Waskovich, Willard Hayes Jr., Floyd D. Taylor, Geoffrey L. May, Paul Brinkman, Ralph R. Rodd, Albert Lamp, Samuel T. Helland, Joseph A. Paris, David J. Honeycutt, James B. Thornton, Robert L. Greer and Bobby G. Pruett.

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