Special Forces / LLDB Camp Guidon Attributed A-103
July 28, 2020
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5th Mess Assocaition, Aluminum (Vet Odum) 1A
5th Mess Assocaition, Aluminum (Vet Odum) 1C
5th Mess Assocaition, Aluminum (Vet Odum) 1B
Capture 3

Mess Association Aluminum Guard SOG Knife, Attributed


Wartime, 5th Special Forces Group (ABN / 5th SFG (ABN)) Aluminum Guard SOG Knife that is attributed to 5th SFG Command Sergeant Major Charles Odom. The knife measures 10 1/2 inches overall, full tang, stacked leather washer handle, aluminum fittings (cross guard and pommel cap) with a 6 inch blued bladeĀ  that has a machine stamped Special Forces Crest on the ricasso with 5th SPECIAL FORCES GROUP (Abn), VIETNAM along the side of the false edge. The piece comes with a black patten leather sheath with a two tone sharpening stone that is still in the original rice paper wrapper. The knife is featured in a SOG knife book I am completing shortly and will be credited to the purchaser.

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